Friday, December 21, 2007

When I thougth it had it all or Things you find while browsing the Japanese website of Honda motorcycle

Holy Cr*p!

The JDM Goldwing has a windshield wiper and 2 nozzles

And I though the Wing had it all: reverse, ABS, heated seat, heated grips, foot warming system, 6 speaker cd player sound system, com system, electronic cruise control, motorized headlight aiming system, air bags, gps nav.

You know what, I don't know what to expect from them Japs any more ... AC and traction control are probably on the way!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Xmas shopping list for the bike

Here is my dream/Xmas shopping list for the SV:
  • Bagster or Sargent seat
  • OEM chin spoiler
  • Extender CF front fender
  • CF Hugger
  • Full TI M4 with CF can
  • PAIR removal kit for the above
  • PCM III for above the above
  • GI Pro Gear indicator with TRE
  • Heated Grips
  • Puig DB Smoke
  • Rizoma short stalk clear led turn signal
  • Penske/Ohlins rear shock/spring
  • Full cartridge/emulators with springs and oil
  • and what the heck, we are dreaming here, bronze aftermarket lightweight wheels.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Withdrawal Syndrom

Yup it's back again.

It's not a good time when your mind start wondering what you would be ready to do just so you could take your bike for spin ...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

New rules in F1

New rules in F1

I might get back into watching it. Maybe.

I could care less about the constructor championship ...

I want a driver's race.

That was a driver's race: Gilles Villeneuve Vs. Rene Arnoux

I must have pissed off the Chinese or something ...

Apparently, according to my friend that is in China right now, in the eyes of the Chinese government, my blog is off limit.

Oh well, my dreams of having a worldwide readership are being crushed by the authoritarian dictatorship of the Communist Party (there, that's a reason to block my blog).

I should get some Hollywood star to protest so my blog is allowed to be read in China ...

Cabot Trail moto trip

This is what I did last night, took me most of the evening.

I wish I took more pictures but I can't help myself. I keep on riding 'till the day is over. What can I say, I'm hardcore!

Still no pictures added to the blog.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Eurobeat, Para Para and other JDM shenanigans

At the beginning of this millennium, I was introduced to Anime. Yeah I am that old school! Back in those days Anime was stuff you had to download from obscure file sharing networks. I saw the birth of DivX, looked for impossible to find codecs. In those you had VHS rips none-of that hi-tech DVD rips.

'Nuff with the nostalgia, the first real Anime I saw was Neon Genesis Evangelion. That stuff was ahead of its time. The only thing that ever came close to it was GITS and GITS had a real budget. Being that old school, I of course watched Initial D before everyone and must admit, I enjoyed it. The story was crap, the drawing was average but the battle were full CG. I was pretty serious about it, I watched the entire Battle Stage and Extra Stage RAW! Hardcore!

I have to credit Initial D for my foray into J-Pop and J-Rock. My listening to Eurobeat was a direct offshoot of all that Anime watching. There is just something about high BPM and sucky English lyrics that makes no sense but all in all, it works. I got a kick out of it and listened to it for a while.

A collection Anime/Japaneses related mp3 on one of my friend server led me to a song called Endroll (remix) by some Ayumi Hamasaki. Even though, I could not understand the lyrics (maybe a good thing, J-pop is not renown for deep and meaningfull songs) but somehow I could endure the annoying voice and enjoy the music. Looking for more of her songs, I stumbled upon her Trance re-mixes and discovered Trance music.

More anime, meant more OP and Ending, meant more artists to discover. The final chapter came with FLCL and the Pillows. That was a brillant work of art and t0 this day, the only anime that I will watch again (I talk about re-watching EVA but can't bring myself to do it).

End of Part One, gotta run to the gym.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Procrastination, Oversights and Frustration

Went to check on the bikes this weekend. Mine was missing the front stand and hers needed a front stand. Because of some crap design of the front stand and/or the forks ( I blame the stand, I paid very little for it, I should have known), I had to find a way to lift the bike high enough so I could slide the front stand under the fork and lower the bike onto.

My trusty CT yielded the perfect solution to all my issues for less than 50$. A small piece of wood placed under the engine (long live engines as stress member), a strategically placed trolley jack and voila, up goes the bike. Problem solved! Hers is equipped with a center stand, therefore pushing down on the tail lifts the front. One jack stand went on the left and piece of wood went on the right. Took us about an hour. I just forget about draining the carbs, hopefully the fuel stabilizer will prevent gunking.

Now to the complaining part, cause thats what the Internet is for. I have been playing that old game that a friend lent me some time ago. The game has been working without a hitch, but now that I have reached the final strech, it constantly crashes on the 4th or 5th race. Last night after the third try, I gave up. Stupid game can kiss my ***, I'll find another way to waste my time ... err entertain myself, like let's say update my blog.

This blog was supposed to get some pictures. This blog was supposed to get updated yesterday. This blog has been updated.

We got snow last night, lots of it, had to shovel this morning ><;

Friday, November 30, 2007

Addictions, we all have one (or more)

In March of '06 I bought a motorcycle. When fall came that year, I thought I was gonna go crazy.

Ha, little did I know!

11 months later, I bought a new motorcycle then proceeded to put over 14.5K km since, go around the Cabot Trail, twice and put a new set of tires on.

I put the new steed to rest mid October, because frankly there are two things in the world that are stronger than my motorcycle addiction: my hands being congealed by the wind chill and my ... hum ... you know what ... resting on that frozen metal gas tank.

Its been more than a month since I fired that sweet six fifty cc v-twin of mine, enjoyed that kick in the arse low-end torque and sweet tractor sound. Sad part is, that usually is my answer to life, the universe and everything (42 doesn't do it any more).

Well now, I am left with XLII and believe me, it ain't cutting it.

I gotta find me a seasonal (read winter) addiction.