Monday, January 28, 2008

Last night Simpsons Episode - That 90's Show

It is widely discussed whether or not The Simpsons have jumped the shark. I am still on the fence on that one, the quality has gone down in the past seasons but there have been some pretty good episode in the bunch.

Last night episode was of the latter. Awesome!

Maybe its because I am a product of the 90's but I could not find anything wrong with this episode, the cultural references were good and the music choice was representative of the 90's. To see Homer in a Cobain character was just brilliant.

After watching the Simpsons Movie, I really lost my faith in the show but after watching this episode, I guess there is hope.

It seems to me that the 90's is the unloved child of the 20th century. It seems it passed under the radar, I guess its the faith of all transitional decades. However as time passes it seems the 90's are getting the recognition it deserves.

Long live the 90's!

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