Friday, November 14, 2008

I find myself lusting after this

Holy Crap! An update! 4 months later!

My recent trip Europe has stirred all sorts of feeling in me (it did not help that I was unable to find a 2 motorcycles to rent).

After buying my first die cast of a Ducati SportClassic GT1000, I find myself lusting after this amazing piece of Italian art. Styling to die for, maintenance schedule now at 12 000 km, wet clucht ... not to shabby.

Further digging on the discussion forum and I learn that the bike suffers regulators problems, heavy spoke wheels negatively affects handling and stock suspension is terrible.

Now it may have been naive of to think that the Sport 1000s would be the perfect bike but I found out that my next bike will need to fulfill the following requirement:
  • Ergos for the long road.
  • Range of 300 km.
  • Stock suspension that will not require extensive modification to make the bike handle like it should.
Now fitting these requirements might incur a higher purchase cost but then you got two choice: get it right the first time or fix it afterward. As much as I would like to fit in the second category and enjoy the journey to discovery and satisfaction, I like things that work out of the box.

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