Friday, December 19, 2008

Apple stuff working OOTB

Hah ...

I just got a new machine at work and since I had to rebuild everything, I though I'd give a shot to iTunes.

I should have known better, there is a reason why I don't have a Mac. Mac and I just don't work together ...

The download part was easy but god d*mn Quicktime found a way to sneak in. Sadly I knew this was going to happen ...

After iTunes was done messing with my music, I was able to listen to my tunes and went on my merry way ... until I tried to skip to another song. Multimedia keys on my deal keyboard not working?

WTH? Maximize Itune, press next. Next song plays. Minimize iTunes, press next, nothing! Now what? Look at all option cannot find anything. Arrrg!

Google to the rescue informs me that I need to install a dll somewhere in order for my multimedia keys to work. Install said dll, restart iTunes, press play, minimize, press next ... Victory!

Now WMP had this neat tool bar that could be used to control the player. iTunes has one too and enabling it is as simple as adding to your tools bar for the taskbar as long as you did not turned on "Minimize iTunes window to system tray" when trying to make your multimedia keys to work.

My take on this, if you have PC use pc stuff. If you have a Mac, use Mac stuff. Hybrid stuff sounds cool but its not always working.

That being said, I decided to give iTunes a whirl for the time being, because maybe one day, I might replace my Zen with a ... gasp ... iPod! The horror, the horror.

For all those out there reading this, Merry eks-mas! Futurama for ever!

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