Monday, May 25, 2009

Silly things I have done on two wheels

Oh crap I need to finish my break-in ASAP!

Cue in worst plan ever to cram in as much KMs as I can in one evening:

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It sounded like a very good plan, except:
  • It was early May
  • I left town at 5 pm
  • I had no idea what my range was and if there was enough gas stations along the way.
  • It get dark quite fast in early May
  • This was not the best way to accomplish my goal
  • The bike was 2-3 weeks old
In the end I made it back in town just in time to call my wife good night. I had been driving in the dark for the last hours, I had broken several speed limits and was cold.

That night I broke 800km on the odo and finally was able to rev past 6.5k

But the huge smile I had on my face made it worth it's while!

If I were to do it again, I would probably be stupid enough to try to cram as many KMs in one evening, but this time I would plan my ride using Google Map and would definitely hit the 300KM mark!

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