Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Procrastination, Oversights and Frustration

Went to check on the bikes this weekend. Mine was missing the front stand and hers needed a front stand. Because of some crap design of the front stand and/or the forks ( I blame the stand, I paid very little for it, I should have known), I had to find a way to lift the bike high enough so I could slide the front stand under the fork and lower the bike onto.

My trusty CT yielded the perfect solution to all my issues for less than 50$. A small piece of wood placed under the engine (long live engines as stress member), a strategically placed trolley jack and voila, up goes the bike. Problem solved! Hers is equipped with a center stand, therefore pushing down on the tail lifts the front. One jack stand went on the left and piece of wood went on the right. Took us about an hour. I just forget about draining the carbs, hopefully the fuel stabilizer will prevent gunking.

Now to the complaining part, cause thats what the Internet is for. I have been playing that old game that a friend lent me some time ago. The game has been working without a hitch, but now that I have reached the final strech, it constantly crashes on the 4th or 5th race. Last night after the third try, I gave up. Stupid game can kiss my ***, I'll find another way to waste my time ... err entertain myself, like let's say update my blog.

This blog was supposed to get some pictures. This blog was supposed to get updated yesterday. This blog has been updated.

We got snow last night, lots of it, had to shovel this morning ><;

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